Anybody else who wants to know the secrets of tanning lotions?

Of course you already ย know that you will get a better color when tanning in a solarium (and also outdoors) if you use a lotion than if you are tanning without. But do you really know what you are putting on your skin and what makes a good lotion a good lotion?

Read on and I will reveal to you the secrets of tanning lotions hidden by most lotions-makers. Secrets that will guide you next time you are buying a lotion either for using yourself or for sale in your salon.I am sure you have some time wondered about the huge difference in price between different lotions. And maybe asked the question:ย Is an expensive lotion really better than a cheap one?

The answer is:ย YES, but sometimes the difference in price doesn’t correspond to the difference in quality.

Let us look at how the price of a lotion is made up and see what secrets of tanning lotions are hidden behind the price tag.

The price of a lotion is decided by the following factors:
1. Cost of Design, Ingredients and manufacturing.
2. Cost of Marketing and Branding
3. Cost of Distribution

And here is theย first of the secrets of tanning lotions:ย The real quality of a lotion is decided only by the first part โ€“ Cost of design, ingredients and manufacturing.ย OK you can always argue that a known brand adds a psychological โ€œquality-valueโ€ to the price, but this is only a perceived value, not a real one.

Does this mean that the two other cost-items are without value? โ€“ No, of course not. If you are running a tanning business you need a chain of distribution in order to get the lotions to your salon. And you need some marketing in order to make your chosen lotions known among your customers. You just want to feel certain that the marketing andย distribution costs outside of your control are optimized for your needs, because I am sure you are not very interested in paying for a large, sometimes world-wide, overhead which doesn’t benefit your local business.

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