Are you are like a blue whale or more like a sperm whale in your approach to suntanning?

The different way that those two whale-species react to UV-exposure might help scientists to find new anti-ageing remedies. It can also teach you the best approach to a nice and safe tan without the side-effects of premature ageing.

A team of marine biologists from UK, Canada, USA and Mexico studied whales reactions to UV-light during several years. Their work has now been published in the journalΒ Scientific Reports.


They found that the blue whale has a more long term approach to UV-exposure.Β The blue whale reacts by getting darker with UV exposure in the same way as humans get a tan.

TheΒ sperm whales, on the other hand,Β protect themselves from sunburn by changes in DNA after having got a sunburn.

Here is how the researchers behind the report describe their findings in an article in BBC News