Sunless tanning has overtaken the beauty aesthetics scene. More options are coming up, and people opt for a spray tan and air brush tan over a tanning bed in their tanning salon. Looking to join a tanning salon or book a spray tan near me session? Let’s see which tanning process you should try

A sunless tan in your favorite spray tan near me salon promises a healthy natural glow, spellbinding contours, and a bronzed body. It is an easy, quick, affordable way to get some color without risking exposure to the sun or UV rays. The primary substance in spray tan solutions is dihydroxyacetone (DHA).

When sprayed to the skin, it is a color additive that reacts with dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis. This darkens the cells and gives skin a rich, noticeable deep tan. But, the tan fades after few days as the cells fall away or get washed off.

Air brush tanning

Air brush tan is administered to the body through a tanning solution spray. It is done by a professional with a small hairbrush machine that uses a finer tip sprayer than a standard spray tan gun. The process is delicate, hands-on, and time-intensive but worth the effort.

The advantage is that you are working with an expert, and they can reach all troublesome areas and correct any streaking and bloating while adding definition and tones. Air brush tan is also more sanitary and easier to customize. The downside is that you’ll need to make appointments and get comfortable being naked around the tanner. Air brush tan is also hard to find and costs more.

Spray tan

A spray tan is done in a spray booth where strategically placed nozzles spray an even coat of the tanning solution onto your body. The tanning booth emits pre-programmed fast bursts of predetermined spray tan solution onto the body according to pre-set options like tan levels and intensity.

A spray tan can also be done through a spray gun machine with the help of a friend or tanning technician. Spray tanning is quick and easy tan, and the process is automated and the amounts pre-programmed. The downside is that some areas may not be reached, it could penetrate the body through orifices, and the tanning booths in some tanning salons near me aren’t always sanitary. Sometimes, the excess spray may leave you looking orange.

Both sunless tan options deliver an excellent bronze finish depending on what your preferences are. Most tanning salons will have spray tan readily available.