3 Tips on How to Get A Flawless Spray Tan


With the onset of spring, it is time to start dreaming about that stunning glow you need to look gorgeous, feel comfortable and confident in your warm-weather clothes. One of the key aspects of achieving that flawless and striking spray tan is choosing the right shade of spray tan. The right shade of spray tan not only matches your skin color but also complements it giving you that radiant look.Β Β 

Sunless indoor tanning gives you the safest chance to get a flawless tan. Tanning salons provide you with exceptional, long-lasting tanning results. Still, to fully appreciate the glowing tan you achieve from your session on the spray tanning bed, you have to choose the right spray color that matches your skin tone.Β 


Choosing the Right Spray Tan Shade to Match Your Skin Tone


Here are three tips that will help you select the right shade for your spray tan to help you achieve that natural-looking flawless tan result.


1.Β Β  Know the Tone and Undertone of Your Skin

The first thing that you should know before visiting a tanning salon for your spray tan session is to understand your skin’s undertone and tone. Knowing your skin tone will help you choose the right tan color best suited to give you amazing results.

The market offers a wide range of spray tan colors for your selection. Different shades of tanning color will achieve different results on your skin based on its composition. It is vital that you take your time to learn your skin’s undertone and tone before settling on a specific shade for your next visit to the tanning salon.

The skin tone ranges from dark to fair, and it is the color of your skin surface. Β The undertone is the subtle skin color that lies beneath the surface of the skin. The shade of the undertone is harder to detect and can be identified by:

  • Cool Undertone: Adds a pink tone to the skin appearance.
  • Warm Undertone: Adds a yellow tone to the skin appearance.
  • Neutral Undertone: Adds a gray hue to the skin appearance.


2.Β Β  Select a Tan Color that Matches Your Skin and Personal Goals

Apart from the skin tone, each person has different personal goals they want to meet when they schedule a session on the tanning bed at the tanning salon near them. While some people simply want to enhance their natural skin tone, others want to achieve a darker shade for the summer season. Before choosing the spray tan color, it is important that you consider the personal goals you want to achieve. Ensure you select a spray tan shade that complements the tone and undertone of your natural skin.

Here’s how your skin tone influences the spray tan color you select.

  • Fair Skin Tone: For a healthy glowing tan, consider choosing soft gold or caramel spray tan shades.
  • Medium Skin Tone: For a darker tan for a summer vacation, the bronze or sunset spray tan shades will complement your medium skin.
  • Dark Skin Tone: To add a warm glow, consider a chocolate or cocoa butter shade that will help you achieve that sun-kissed look you’ve been craving.

3.Β Β  Consult Professional Tan Experts at the Tanning Salon

If you are still confused about the best spray tan color for your skin, the best thing to do is visit the tanning salon near you and speak to professionals. As experienced tanning experts working at your preferred indoor tanning salon near you, they are qualified and can make personalized recommendations for the best shade for your skin tone. Professionals will help you choose the right spray tan color to match your goals for your next spray tan session.

With the hundreds of spray tan colors, a professional will help you find the exact shade that matches your skin’s tone. By booking a session at an indoor sunless tanning salon near you that provides custom shade selection for their clients, you get a safe, flawless, and natural-looking tan after every spray tan session.

To consult about spray tan color selections or schedule your next spray tanning session, contact us today!