How Long Does It Take to See Tanning Results from a Tanning Bed?


Whether you simply want a flawless golden tan before you head out for your summer vacation or you are preparing for a special occasion, you’ll probably be trying to figure out how long it takes to achieve that perfect tan shade. Unfortunately, given that tan results depend on several factors, there’s no precise time limit for achieving a gorgeous tan.

Generally, it will take a few tanning sessions at your tanning salon before you begin noticing results from a tanning bed. It may take several weeks of regular tanning sessions, there to four sessions a week, to achieve the perfect tan color you are looking for. For a pre-winter holiday base tan, experts recommend that you start your tanning session approximately three to four weeks before the date when you are scheduled to leave.

By understanding the factors that influence your spray tan results, you’ll be able to easily estimate how often you need tanning sessions to achieve the perfect glow. Let us discuss some of the things that you should know that influence your tanning bed results.

3 Factors That Affect the Results of Indoor Tanning

Before you start your visits to the tanning salon near you, you should know the factors that affect the total tanning sessions you’ll need to achieve the ideal tan.  These factors include:

1.   Tanning Bed Quality

The tanning bed quality is one of the biggest factors that affect the number of sessions you’ll need before achieving that glowing, flawless tan. When you visit tanning salons that have installed the latest state-of-the-art tanning bed and equipment, you’ll are more likely to see tanning results faster and achieve the ideal tan shade faster as well.

The latest cutting-edge tanning beds for the perfect tan are the 10 to 15-minute lay down beds and the 9 to 12-minute stand-up beds. Tanning salons offering this equipment are also likely to provide a range of other features and services to help make your tanning session experience more comfortable. Such services include aromatherapy, built-in cooling fans, facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and integrated MP3/iPod ports.

2.   Your Skin Tone and Type

Your natural skin’s type and tone also play a significant role in the tanning time needed to get the flawless glow. Dark skin users can start with full tanning sessions and only need one or two tanning sessions before seeing the results. On the other hand, light skin will begin with short tanning sessions before slowly working their way up to full 10- or 15-minute sessions.

While going straight into a full tanning session may seem like an excellent way to achieve the perfect tan results within the shortest time possible, it is a risky approach that can easily get you burned. Suffering from burn injuries during a full 10 or 15-minute tanning session would mean you have to take time off the tanning bed to allow your skin to heal. This risk can be eliminated by choosing only qualified professional tanning salons near you that provide consultancy services to help users develop tailored tanning plans depending on their skin type and tone.

3.   Tanning Sprays and Lotions

Tanning salons use products such as sunless indoor tanning lotions and sprays as some of the most effective methods of boosting how fast the client tans. It is important to note that standard sunscreens interfere with the tanning process by blocking UVA and UVB rays. Instead of sunscreens, you can use special indoor tanning products designed to enhance the sun-ray effects giving you more noticeable tan results. Most of these tanning products contain special ingredients that bronze your skin, boost blood flow, and help accelerate the tanning processing, giving you the perfect tan quickly.

As it can be challenging figuring out the exact number of tanning appointments you require before starting your tanning sessions, our experts recommend that you do a few initial tanning bed sessions before you assess the progress you’ve made. Once you have determined how your body tans, our experts will design an ideal tanning schedule to help you achieve the perfect tan faster.

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