Tanning Salon

A tanning salon can be described as a business that offers skin enhancement to its clients by artificial tanning.  Tanning salons use ultraviolet (UV) rays to darken the dead skin cells to achieve that admirable golden tan.  

Tanning salons have steadily established themselves as one of the preferred methods of achieving a glowing tan.  With most public beaches under lockdown and the worldwide travel limitations enacted to combat the coronavirus pandemic, tanning salons are an alternative way for people unable to sunbathe to achieve the perfect tan.  Each year, over 30 million Americans visit tanning salons, with more than 2 million being teenagers. Young women make up the ever-increasing group of tanning salon users. 


Tanning Salon Services and Products

Many tanning salons provide extra body care services that complement the tanning services. Tanning salons mostly offer a specific style of tanning services, either sun bed tanning or spray tanning spray, while a few offer both types of tanning services.


Tanning salons usually incorporate spas and other personal care services such as massage parlors. Often, tanning salons provide monthly or yearly memberships, or huge discounts are also offered when pre-buying packages in bulk.  While many tanning salons accept walk-in customers, you might want to book an appointment for a tanning session. 


Some of the complementary services that tanning salons can offer include; waxing, manicure, pedicures, therapeutics hand and foot massage, skin treatment, teeth whitening, facial skincare, ultrasonic facials, lash extensions, makeup services, micro-blading, hair washing, hair conditioning, hair dying, full-body cryotherapy, laser hair removal, deep tissue massage,  hot stone massage, acupressure, weight loss, sauna and whole body wraps. 


Offering men’s grooming packages that include waxing, hair, and beard treatment, as well as a bridal package, are some of the ways a salon can complement its tanning services. 

Tanning salons also sell tanning products like sunscreens, body tanning lotions, skin lotions, skin bronzing lotions, and other skin beauty products. 


Tanning Salon Near Me

Looking for tanning salons operating in your area? We’ve got you covered. 

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