Airbrush Tan

Airbrush tan is a sunless tanning technique similar to a spray tan which uses a compressor and airbrush to apply a fine mist to the skin. The active ingredient of an airbrush tan mist is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA’s reaction with the epidermis of the skin produces a bronzing effect.Β 

Airbrush is among several preferred alternatives to tanning beds. Airbrush tans will not only save your time and money but will also provide a natural streak-free tan without posing any health risks to your skin. Given that airbrush tans are UV radiation-free, the risk of skin diseases and accelerated skin aging is eliminated.Β 

Airbrush Tan

An airbrush tan is cheap and effective. Although prices vary from one provider to the next, one full-body airbrush tan treatment will cost as low as $25. The price is even lower for clients who want to tan only parts of their body like their faces, arms or legs.Β  When done by a professional, an airbrush tan can last up to 10days. However, while the tan does not wash off when taking a bath, heavy exfoliation will increase its rate of fading.Β 

Airbrush tanning allows the technician to control the amount of tan applied to each area of the body to achieve and even tan. Some parts of the body like the elbows, thighs, underarms and knees may require less tan. The technician can also do touch-ups to even out the tan and correct any mistakes during a tanning session.


Airbrush Tan

Using an airbrush machine makes it easier for the professional to match the tan to the customer’s skin tone. Matching the tan to the skin tone produces a natural strain and streak-free tan, and it also allows the technician to minimize tan lines. An airbrush tan takes at least five minutes to dry, and the client can soon be on their way.Β 

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