Top 5 Reasons to Spray Tan This Winter

There’s a lot to love about winter. From playing in the snow to warming up in a cozy chair, winter is, without a doubt, a beloved season. One more thing that you might consider doing during is tanning. Tanning is mostly associated with summer when we are showing more skin. Come winter, many regular tanners tend to stop ignoring the fact that there are several benefits to a cold-weather tan. Accordingly, you may want to consider one of the indoor tanning options, like spray tanning. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should spray tan this winter.

1. No UV Exposure.

A spray tan will allow you to achieve a healthy bronze glow without exposing you to UV rays like tanning beds. While the evidence on the link between tanning beds and melanoma is highly conflicting, spray tans put your mind at ease as they are much safer than tanning beds.

2. Boost your Confidence.

From weddings to parties to galas, there is no shortage of important events to attend during the fall. If one of these events appears on your calendar, let your diva out by treating yourself to a spray tan. Doing so could significantly boost your confidence.

3. Time-Saving.

Spray tans normally take about 20 minutes tops, and the best part is that the results are instant, which tends to last for about four hours. Adding an instant cosmetic bronzer to your tan could let you darken your skin tone even further and much faster.

4. Hydrating your Skin.

Skin dehydration is a common problem during winter. Consider getting a hydrating spray tan in order to make your skin feel good. As such, spray tans can help promote healthier skin.

5. Protect your Eyes.

Spray tans don’t expose you to the sun, and therefore you don’t need to worry about getting eye damage from UV exposure.